Alphaline is one of the newest Activewear brand that is different to any other business.
A vision orientated business based in Sydney, Australia is creating a new and exciting model that is based on premium quality at affordable pricing. We are also pledging 10% of our profits will go to a different charity every month which we will be shown via our social media accounts. Transparency is one of the key promises in this journey.
The owner Enis Erdem, was actually a practicing criminal lawyer until he was let go due to COVID-19. This has enabled him to follow his passion for fitness and be able to design and procedure a new line of gym appeal.
The vision of this brand is to allow this start-up business to enable people from all walks of life to achieve their untapped potential. The logo is to exemplify the possibilities of your fitness journey and to provide motivation of what we, as a brand and a community, can achieve. One step at a time.
Thank you for your support on this brand.