How to Create a Brand Identity: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Why do I need an identity for my brand?

You have to have a brand identity to live up to your business values and to establish a strong brand presence that’s consistent across all of your digital platforms. Even if you’re in the same industry, you still need to have your own identity because people won’t connect with your brand if it’s not created with its audience in mind. Your brand identity should meet the following needs: An answer to the question “What are you?” How do you want people to identify with you? Are you using your personal name or something else? What is your value proposition? Do you have a style guide? Use the following infographic to get started Note that all the work listed below is required before you can even start your branding journey. It’s all essential.


Understanding your audience

In this brand identity guide, we’ve discussed the core idea behind why you need to build your brand identity. But how can you use it to connect with your audience? You can easily assess your audience by going through their conversations. It’s likely that there is a defined gap in the market that you need to fill. To give a simple example, we are living in an era of digital communication, but customer service is still a rarity in many parts of the world. So how are you going to fill this gap? How are you going to differentiate yourself from the competition? This is one of the core ideas of the brand identity and you must understand its relevance to your audience. It will help you determine your customer demographics.


Creating your brand

So, how exactly do you build a brand identity? In this guide, you will learn the best practices for brand identity and be given a checklist of things you can do to ensure that you are following the best practices when building your brand. What does a company identity include? Your brand identity might include your logo, tagline, colors, words, colors, fonts, headlines, video, or other branding elements. The most important thing to know about branding is that the image you present to your target audience is the one you are going to stick to when you start growing your business. Keep in mind that brand identity is the face of your brand. This means that it represents you in an intangible way.


How to use your brand identity

The good news is that you can simply make the logos for your company. This is what I do in most cases. Since I’m the Chief Illustrator, it’s almost my job to take these logos from my head and transform them into a single image. Although creating logos is one of the best ways to develop a brand identity, you can do this in a variety of ways. I use Adobe Illustrator and Google SketchUp. There are others online resources to create logos. The first thing to do is to find the right image. This is done by sending an inquiry to your desired image provider. You can find free stock photography and images that are available for commercial use on Flickr, Stock X3, and Pexels. Once you have the images, you need to convert them into a .png file. I use free service Pixlr or Paint.NET.



If you’ve been struggling with building a brand, this article should be all you need to guide you to success. The key to building a strong brand identity is consistency. You need to develop your ideas through these 6 simple steps. Go ahead and create your own brand identity guide.